What Sets Us Apart


⟡ We Match You with the Perfect Walker and/or Sitter! 

Each new client will get a FREE 30-min consultation with the owner, Courtney Green. During this consultation, all services will be discussed and a customizable plan will be prepared based on the exact needs of you and your best friend. Courtney will then match you with the perfect walker and/or sitter. Energy levels, location, frequency of visits, and special needs will be considered when finding the perfect match. Once you are matched, you will have a FREE 15-min Meet & Greet with your new personal Dog Nanny.  If your best friend wants to explore his options we will rematch you until you're happy! 

⟡ Individual Walks AND Squad Walks Available

At Dog Squad, we don't believe in telling you what type of walk is best for your dog.  That is why we offer both individual and squad walks. Some dogs prefer one-on-one quality time so we make them the center of attention throughout our visits. The wild ones, however, crave time with a pack so we deliver! 

⟡ Communication is Key

We will provide a daily pawgress report so you can keep up with our adventures. Each pawgress report will include adorable photo(s), GPS tracking with pee/poop pins, and a detailed summary of the visit. Have peace of mind knowing that you can always communicate with your sitter! 

⟡ Professionalism is a Walk in the Park! 

Dog Squad is a professional dog walking and pet sitting company. Our clients know that they are trusting their best friends and their homes to an experienced, qualified, insured and bonded business. We are always available to help our clients, as well as speak with anyone who has general questions regarding being a dog owner!

⟡ We Come Prepared! 

Having our sitters prepared for the unexpected is our utmost priority and provides peace of mind while you’re away! Our team comes with barking experience! We are made of veterinary technicians, doggie daycare handlers, doggie nutritionists, trainers, animal behaviorists, and dog enthusiasts. 

⟡ Less Guilt, More Wags! 

Juggling work, life and your dog can be ruff! Whatever it is that keeps you busy, you can count on Dog Squad to keep your pet wagging. The Squad will tag in to give your pet their dose of belly rubs, butt scratches and potty breaks!

⟡ We Put Dogs First! 

In our eyes, dogs are not just pets they are family. When we bring you on as a client, you are now apart of our family, our Squad. Our passion is giving your dog the adventure they crave. We aim to increase the wags per day in dogs all across LA!