Meet the Owner:       Courtney Green

"Be the person your dog thinks your are"


My entire life has revolved around animals. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a veterinarian and I followed that dream until I finished undergraduate studies at 23. Throughout school, I worked in animal hospitals and clinics and learned a lot of valuable tips and tricks along with emergency procedures for dogs. Those years were a lot of smiles, but I knew working with dogs in their natural element would bring something deeper than that. After leaving the animal medical field, I began managing facilities that provided boarding, daycare and grooming for dogs. I loved being around all types of different dogs at once, but I quickly realized that an indoor facility surrounded by walls and run by business people, not dog people, was not the solution. Dogs crave a breath of fresh air when their parents are at work and they prefer to stay in their own bed when their parents leave town. That is when I decided to put all of my experiences together and founded Dog Squad LLC. 


Our services are designed so that dogs can socialize outdoors, away from their regular routine, while practicing good pack mannerisms and extensive leash training. The combination of physical exercise and mental stimulation will leave your dog exhausted by the time the Squad is done. It's time we start giving dogs what they really crave.. adventures.. with tons of treats, of course :)

Everyone who knows me knows that my dogs come before everything.. I mean EVERYTHING! They get the best of the best even when I can't do that for myself. That doesn't stop with just my little loves, it extends to every little butt I meet. Every dog deserves to be pampered and their dog parents should be able to have fun in peace knowing their dogs are in the best hands. For dog parents that have a harder time leaving their best friend, don't worry! You have access to unlimited check-ins and daily report cards. I am one of those dog parents who struggle when separated from my dogs so I started Dog Squad to provide pet care that goes beyond the average "crazy dog lady".